Church Transparency International

Church Transparency International

  • Act against money laundering, financial fraud in public donation money and murky land deals by the church. Implement Church Act Bill as recommended by Justice V R Krishna Iyer former Judge of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to ensure financial transparency, legal compliance with existing laws of the land and accountability public donation spending in church funds. 
  • Stop sexual crimes against women and children. Stop "cover-up practices" of sexual offences by the church. Provide effective mechanism to report any such offences to the police with immediate effect. Ensure strict, foolproof security/online method to prevent tampering of log book, visitor\s registers in convents, bishop\s houses, and parishes. Report to the local police immediately any sexual offences and abuses in convents, bishop’s houses, congregations, seminaries, church parishes, & Sunday classes. 
  • Set up Grievance Cells with immediate effect to prevent sexual crimes against minor girls, nuns in convents, altar boys, and working women in light of the Supreme Court guidelines against sexual offences in working places. Provide names and details of sexual offenders in the church on a dedicated website for public shaming and prevention of sexual and financial crimes in the church.
  • Provide adequate compensation to sexual abuse victims. Set up a fund and provide adequate financial compensation for sexual abuse victims in the church/congregation and provide a severance financial assistance for those leaving the congregation due to victimization to enable them to lead a decent livelihood subsequent to leaving the congregation/seminary.
  • Prevent and stop Confession leakage, blackmail and sexual abuse. Allow females to confess to nuns to prevent confession leakage, blackmail, and sexual exploitation based on confession. 
  • Rethink and reconsider the centuries old outdated practice of confessions in the light of possible confession leakage, blackmail, and sexual abuse.  In today’s CCTV surveillance age, possibility of hidden secret recording devices in confession areas can be misused on social media and other pornographic sites with ulterior motives.  Implement data policy in tune with the IT Act to prevent image and video footage misuse in churches and confession areas. 
  • Provide safe and foolproof methods for storage of CCTV/surveillance camera footage &visuals custody for legal, crime investigation purposes in tune with IT laws, data privacy issues in the digital age.  Provide adequate safeguards of CCTV visuals and footage captured in church areas against misuse and privacy laws of the land. 
  • Repeal centuries old outdated Canon Law provisions which are in conflict and contradictory to the existing laws of the land, the Constitution, International conventions to ensure human rights, women's’ rights, gender equality, dignity of labour, national security and sovereignty.
#Save our church. #Save our nuns and women. #Act against sexual abuse and crimes. 
# Ensure gender equality in churches. #Stop male dominance. # Stop treating women and nuns as second-class citizens. #Allow female members to confess to nuns. Stop Confession blackmail and abuse by male priests. #Repeal canon laws in conflict with laws of the land.
#Fight against paedophiles and unnatural offences in the clergy. Save our boys in seminary and Sunday classes.  
                                     Church Transparency International

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  1. Who are the owners / promoters of Church Transparency International.

    We wish to provide news on Sexual Harassment of Female teachers in a Salesian School in Kolkata.

  2. We also wish to report on lack of financial transparency in our Churches and Church-based organisations. But before we do so, we want to know the background of Church Transparency International. All the best.


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